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Hiring the right criminal defense attorney might be the most important decision you ever make. A criminal lawyer is the guy who can keep you out of jail. In addition, your criminal law attorney is the guy who has your back when the deck is stacked against you. And if all else fails, a criminal appeals lawyer is the one who will help you when there’s nowhere else to turn. If you’re in trouble in Charlotte, MI, you’re going to need the best criminal defense attorney in the area. Therefore, you need to call Attorney David B. Carter, Jr.

Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. has more than 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. He’s helped hundreds of clients get the best results possible from their cases, and he can do the same for you. This can be a stressful time for you, and the situation might make you want to shut down and wait for this all to blow over. Don’t just wait around and ignore your legal problems. Wishing them away won’t work. You need to take action. Call Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. today and get your free consultation.

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Criminal Lawyer

The right criminal lawyer will keep you out of jail. But to pull it off, they need to approach your case without judgment. You need a criminal defense attorney that won’t look at you differently because of your case. This is America, and you’re innocent until proven guilty. A good criminal law attorney will keep that in mind as they gather the information they need to defend your case.

That’s why you want to call David B. Carter, Jr. He doesn’t care what you’re accused of doing. Instead, his only concern is keeping you out of jail. He’s worked with clients from all walks of life with that same goal. So don’t hire a lawyer who will judge you before the jury does. Call Attorney David B. Carter, Jr.

Criminal Law Attorney

A good criminal defense attorney needs to be a hard-nosed, tenacious force that strikes fear into prosecutors. A good criminal law lawyer will make a prosecutor’s heart sink whenever their name appears on a pleading. Having a reputation as a tough, hard-fighting defense attorney isn’t something that you just get overnight. It’s something you need to cultivate over years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. In addition, it’s something that Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. has in courtrooms around Charlotte, MI. You don’t want the guy who everyone thinks of as a mousey attorney who’s only good for drafting contracts. Instead, you want the criminal lawyer who will make a prosecutor beg you to take a plea deal.

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Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If all else fails, the appeals system is a way for you to bring up new questions of law regarding your case. Maybe evidence in your case was mishandled, or a piece of testimony should have been inadmissible during your trial. As a result, you need a criminal appeals lawyer who will go over your case with a fine-toothed comb to find any questions of law that may arise. You need a criminal defense attorney who knows the law and how to use it.

That’s why you need to call Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. He’s a fantastic criminal appeals lawyer with practical experience in the criminal appeals process. As a result, Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. will stand by your side through every phase of your case, from your consultation all the way through to your verdict, or appeals if necessary. It’s all just what you’d expect from a respected criminal law attorney in Charlotte, MI. Call today for your free consultation.

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