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We all die someday. And when we do, we want to make sure we can provide for our descendants. That’s why drafting a will or trust is crucial to anyone over the age of 50 with any significant assets. However, to do that you need to make sure you hire the right trust attorney or will attorney. You can Google “will lawyer near me,” but that’s only half the battle. Next, you need to choose a trust lawyer. And if you’re near Jackson, MI, David B. Carter, Jr. is the best trust lawyer you can find.

It’s expensive to die in the U.S. Passing wealth from one generation to another can incur things like taxes, court fees, and other costs. Sometimes, these fees can end up taking up to five percent of the equity of your estate. If you have any significant assets that you want to pass on to your children, you need to figure out how you’re going to do it. A trust is a way to pass wealth on to your beneficiaries after you die. In general, it’s a low-cost, effective way to transfer your possessions after you die. A good trust lawyer can save you tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of
your estate.

A will is another way to pass on your assets to your descendants. It’s also a fairly inexpensive document and is relatively easy for a trust lawyer to draft. A will usually consists of fairly straightforward instructions and is executed upon your death. If you have limited assets, a will is a good way to pass on
your wealth.

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Trust Attorney

When you form a trust, there are a few things you need to figure out. In order to be a valid entity, a trust needs a trustor (that’s you), a trustee, a successor trustee, and your trust beneficiaries. The trustee is someone that you designate to take over administrative duties of the trust. A successor trustee is a second trustee that can take over in the event the primary trustee is unable to execute their duties. The trust beneficiaries are the people who will receive property or assets from the trust. This is usually your children or grandchildren, but it can be anyone you designate. A good trust lawyer will be able to help you assign
these duties.

Will Attorney

A good trust attorney is also probably a good will attorney. So, searching for the best “will lawyer near me” will probably find you a good trust attorney as well. A will is a way you can directly designate who will receive your assets after you die. It’s generally an easy way to approach the situation. However, it may not be the right choice depending on the size of your estate. A will is also generally less secure than a trust is. With a trust, you have a living person who you designate that will carry out the task of taking care of your possessions. That person can make decisions in real-time. With a will, especially one that’s contested, there’s a chance that your estate may still go to Probate Court. Speak to your trust lawyer to learn which option is best for your situation.

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Will Lawyer Near Me

Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. is regarded as a highly-regarded trust attorney by his former clients. In addition, he’s a skilled will attorney as well. Testimonials by former clients praise his level-headedness and his knowledge of the law. He received his BS from the University of Michigan and his JD from the Detroit School of Law. He’s a member of the Michigan State Bar as well as other local bar associations. And he’s been praised for treating his clients with respect and dignity. Call Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. today to schedule a free consultation. You’ll find out why he’s a well-respected will lawyer near me in Jackson, MI.

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